“DRG” also known as D ROSE GOLD


 Intriguing survival tactics and tenacious hustle mentality are the foundation of this rare recording artist’s sound and content. As you are reading this, he is out in a city near or far from you, shaking hands, giving hugs and signing autographs of loyal underground followers.


 Coming from Baltimore MD. By way of Stamford CT. He has resided in a wide variety of communities from housing developments to American suburbs. The mixture of real life experiences makes his music relative to every person on the planet.


 D Rose Gold has influences from every major city on the east coast of the United States. To date DRG and his publishing company Diamond Distribution have sold over 65,000 units of street solidified mix tapes and EP’s independently.


 DRG is currently filming his debut documentary about the life of a struggling and striving artist entitled  “HUSH” or Hustle Until Something Happens” slated to be released in the 1st quarter of 2015. Viewers will get an in-depth look at the blood, sweat and tears that go out while being a father, hustler and recording artist in today’s digital world.


 D Rose Gold has released several international smashes such as, “ I Love My Life” “All The Time On My Grind” 1 & 2 “Been Thru The Fire” and “Going Hard”.

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The sequel to the classic mixtape 'All The Time On My Grind." 11 Tracks of go hard in your face, substance filled bars that make up good songs at the same damn time!!!

Nothing short of EPIC!!!


These 2 singles are geared to man or woman who wants to make sure their mate is really there for them and not the potential dollar signs that may be included in the commitment. Or maybe somebody who goes through their share, but still loves life!


Highly anticipated solo mixtape debut from DRG. Includes hits "Hatas" and "This Is My Life." You can ride through your city bumping this in the whip or on the train! Has an underground feel that cannot be duplicated!

"I Cant Believe Its Not Butta" is a complied EP that  DRG released with fellow Baltimore native artist Young Vet, which is about changing the perception that all young, inner city males are caught up into stereotypical categories that profile and plague our communities. But it is still RAW!!!!

We all have been through our share of hardships, trial, tribulations on many levels. This Is for the ones dealing in real life with real life situations!!! 3 song EP!!! Immaculateness!

Straight up Baltimore CLASSIC!!! Features throwbacks like "Hoopty" and "Going HARD"

Executive Producer D Rose Gold. (Oh yeah he produces too!)




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